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Join the Ruffed Grouse Society or American Woodcock Society - Increase the voice telling the truth about scientific forest management and the benefits for wildlife. RGS and AWS are dedicated to preserving our sporting traditions by creating healthy forest habitat for ruffed grouse, American woodcock and many other forest wildlife species.
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American Woodcock Society
Ruffed Grouse Society

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RGS or AWS Conservation Membership will include:
  • Subscription to the award-winning Ruffed Grouse Society magazine
  • RGS or AWS member decal to match society choice
  • RGS or AWS member patch to match society choice
  • Invitations to Birds & Brew events, banquets, shoots and more happening in your region.
  • Opportunities to volunteer in local habitat projects, youth events and more.

The Ruffed Grouse Society (RGS) and American Woodcock Society (AWS) are North America's leading conservation organizations in healthy forest management for the benefit of forest game and non-game wildlife. RGS and AWS create and sustain healthy forests for abundant wildlife and preserve sporting traditions for future generations.

An RGS/AWS membership benefits not only American woodcock and ruffed grouse, but hundreds of other wildlife species including songbirds, white-tailed deer, and more. An industry-leading $.89 of every member dollar enhances habitat and hunter access projects, young and new hunter initiatives, and public education on the importance hunters play in wildlife conservation.

Membership includes four issues (yearly) of the award-winning Ruffed Grouse Society magazine, an RGS or AWS decal and invitations to connect with other hunters at events in your local area from meet-and-greets, shoots, youth days, and banquets. Most importantly, your membership will lend a voice to healthy forest management across North America!